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Looking for the RAPtor pistol and carbine products? Well, unfortunately we are not able to really keep up with all the projects on our plate at this time. We can still get them if someone is looking for that custom build, but it will be a one at a time basis. Please use our Contact US form and let us know if you would like a quote. Cheers, AGPS
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Tune-in-a-Tube Spring Airgun Maintenance Lubricant

Tune-in-a-Tube Spring Airgun Maintenance Lubricant

RAPtor Custom Airguns

RAPtor Custom Airguns – Available as custom build only.  Please contact us for more information.

Custom Airguns

Our Custom Airguns

Pre-Owned Airguns

Pre-Owned Airguns

Visit our New “Recommended Airguns and Airgun Accessories” page.

As part of our service to airgunners, we want to highlight products that we’ve either liked over the years or would love to get our hands on for some “extended testing….” Here you can find various airguns and airgun accessories that you can buy directly from PyramydAir, get the same great low price, and at the same time help support AirgunWeb and AirgunProShop. If you want to arrange special services for any of the products on those pages, just let us know and we’ll tell you how you can have it shipped here first to be tuned, tested, or configured to your desired specifications.

Thank you for visiting I’ve been working hard to resolve how best to move forward with this project. In earnest, I love shooting, and love helping people find the right airgun for their needs. While I would love to be able to maintain inventory of all the accessories and airguns that I love, it’s just not practical. So, I’ve retooled the site to focus on what makes the most sense.

  • Our Custom Airguns – We have the ability to work with top-tier vendors to create the perfect combo for you shooting needs. On many occasions customers have their orders sent to our shop to have us complete their setup and configuration before sending them on their way. Please visit “Our Custom Airguns” page for more information.
  • Pre-Owned Airguns – Purchasing a pre-owned airgun is tricky business. Our guns are evaluated and tested BEFORE we post them on our site. We currently have about 50+ airguns that we’ll be posting to the site. Maybe you’ll find exactly what your looking for at a great value.

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