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Hatsan 125 Sniper in .25 cal
– Mini Product Review

Airgun Safety is No Accident!
– ALWAYS Observe Airgun Safety Rules!


How to adjust the power on your AT44 Class Airgun

How to shoot a springer:

How to fill your PCP with a Hand Pump:

How to you fill your PCP with a Scuba Bottle:

How to setup your AT44:

How to Adjust the Quattro trigger on a Hatsan Air Rifle


Hatsan Mod 95 in .177 cal
– The Mod 95 is a great gun at a great price point

Hatsan Mod 125 Sniper in .25 cal
– The 125 Sniper quietly puts power on target

Hatsan BT65SB PCP in .25 cal
– The BT65SB in .25 cal hits hard and groups well out to 100+ yards.

Hatsan Mop 95 in .22 cal
– More power, more accuracy, the .22 cal Mod 95 is right on target

Hatsan 100x in .22 cal
– Underlever accuracy, the 100x combines accuracy, power and good looks

Hatsan AT44 Tactical in .22 cal
– Arguably my favorite Hatsan model, the AT44 Tactical is amazingly accurate and flexible

Hatsan 85 Sniper in .22 cal
– Amazingly manageable and quiet, the Hatsan Mod 85 Sniper is a great back yard shooter

Hatsan ATP-2 .25 cal
– Packing a big punch in a tiny package, the Hatsan ATP-2 Tactical carbine is perfect for small game in close quarters

Hatsan Striker 1000x Vortex .25 cal
– 20 foot pounds out of a budget airgun? The Striker 1000x Vortex smacks small game into next week.