Airgun Setup and Tuning Services

General Philosophy:
When it comes to Airgun Setup and Tuning Services, there are those that seek speed and power and then there are those that seek accuracy. Our thoughts are that you can have a good mix of both. Generally speaking we are not interested in performing power mods or making any mechanical changes to an airgun. We are however very interested in making a stock gun shoot much better by simply completing the process that should have been done right the first time at the manufacturer. Most of the time a good cleaning, lubing and reassembly is all that is required to get the right balance of performance AND accuracy.

*(Tuning or modifying airguns in any way will void the manufacturer’s warranty. We will fix an airgun tuned by our service technicians due to defects for 90 days. Any attempt to “self repair” our tuned guns immediately voids any and all warranties. For those with Hatsan Airgun Products that are looking for service or tune, please Click Here to review the Hatsan Warranty Information.)

If you would like a quote for custom services, please send us a note via our Custom Service Quote page. Please note that our bench time is $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum for any and all work performed. Shipping to and from is the responsibility of the customer.

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