Commercial HPA Fill Kit

Features include:

  • Utilizes all industry standard components
  • Fully serviceable and designed for long term use
  • Compatible with our Komptec line of commercial compressors
  • Terminates into a high quality, serviceable, industry standard female 1/8 QD connector
  • Everything is included*

*Purchaser will need a hose to go from the fill kit to the target fill container.  Because this part of the application can vary dramatically, we let the purchaser provide their own hose, or choose from our preselected options as part of the package.  You decide which is right for you.   We offer a 20% discount on our microbore hoses when purchased with this kit.

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Introducing our all-in-one Commercial HPA Fill Kit for high pressure fill system.  This is designed to connect to a large storage bottle with a CG347 valve (other options are available via custom configurations), provide a regulated fill system, and an input for a commercial compressor.  This system is assemble from industry standard components and is designed to be used in a commercial environment.  It is fully serviceable and adaptable to multiple types of uses.  This ships as a KIT and will require the purchaser to assemble the final product.   Complete, detailed instructions are included.