Airgun Setup


Airgun Pro Shop Airgun Setup:

Testing your airgun and sighting it in takes time and effort you would rather spend hitting the bullseye and taking game. Our full service setup service takes care of that for you.


Airgun Setup – Your Airgun “ready to roll” out of the box!

Our Airgun Setup service options allow you to receive an airgun that is ready to go out of the box. This Full Service Setup will save you time, frustration and give you the sense of security that you will be receiving a quality professionally setup and tested airgun.

We perform the following for you:

  •  Chronograph and accuracy test your product
  •  Mount and sight your selected scope and mounts providing shot cards for 20 yards for small bore, 35 to 50 yards for mid/large bore, depending on product
  •  Select the appropriate hard shell case
  •  Ship it to you in the hard shell case
*Please be aware that this service may add up to 10 business days to the delivery of your airgun. Large bore rifles must be tested outdoors so weather at our testing facility may be a factor in delivery times.