Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Beech Airgun

Key Features of the Brocock Bantam:
(Shown with optional scope and swivel studs)

  • Exceptional build quality
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Stock pre-drilled for swivel studs
  • 1/2 UNS threaded Barrel

Compatible with the Trident airgun moderator.  Available only when combined with the sale of a compatible airgun.

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The Brocock Bantam is a rifle that’s not like a traditional rifle, and not like a traditional bullpup.  The design sits between the two.  The action sits just a little forward a traditional bullpup and reward of a traditional rifle.  This provides a very unique balance, something that’s so very different that it caught us by surprise.  The weight distribution is completely unique and frankly something special.

The Bantam Hi-Lite comes with a carbon fiber bottle and Hi – Low power selector.  Even though it’s unregulated it produces exceptionally consistent accuracy. It’s a wonderful gun that really delivers.