DMCUSA Compressor SCU60S

$1,249.99 $1,099.99

Key Features of the DMCUSA Compressors SCU60S

  • Easy to use electronic control system
  • Dual Radiator Cooling System
  • 110v Power operation @ 15 Amps
  • Suitable for filling up to 6L bottles
  • Approximate fill rate of .8 CFM

We are pleased to offer the SCU60S from DMCUSA Compressors here on Airgun Pro Shop.  Our goal is not to pigeon hole our customers into just one brand or direction, but rather offer many different options that we know can get the job done.  This is where the DMCUSA Compressor line comes in.  With aggressive pricing, good features, and dependability, backed by the Airgun Pro Shop service department, these compressors open the door for more airgunners to get out there and get shooting!

All compressors are fully tested and prepped BEFORE Shipping.  We also include 500ml of ISO 100 oil with your order so that you are READY TO GO right out of the box!  Don’t go without hight pressure air for your PCP any longer!