Key Features of the Evanix Air Speed Super Bundle – Here’s what you get:

Available only while our supply of Air Speeds last! Also, one Air Speed image shows a Hawke Scope.  That is NOT included with this bundle.  We can customize your bundle for you and include the optics and other accessories of your choice.  Just call or email us to place your order. 

  • .22 or .25 Caliber Air Speed
  • Nomad II compressor
  • 4-16 illuminated, Mil-Dot, AO Scope and mounts
  • FOUR tins of pellets
    • .22 – H&N Baracuda Match
    • .25 – JSB 25.4 Grain
  • Flat Rate Shipping to the lower 48 States!


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Evanix Air Speed Super Bundle with Nomad II compressor, scope, & Pellets (while supplies last) It’s time for another awesome bundle for our Summer sales.. and just in time for Father’s Day too!  Here’s what we are doing.  We are bundling the Evanix Air Speed semi automatic rifle with the Nomad II compressor and a scope.  And let’s not forget pellets!  So therefore you not only can you go shooting the day you get your gear, you’ll be able to keep topping off your gun with your own PCP compressor.

Details on the Evanix Air Speed:

Semi-Automatic, high shot count, great power and accuracy

Details on the Nomad II Personal Compressor:

Operates on 12v and 110v, Auto-Shutoff, Extremely Portable, Fills up to 4500 PSI.

Details on Bundled Optic

We have several 4-16, AO, Illuminated Mil-dot scopes that we pick up here and there.  Because these are quality scopes that meet our requirements for getting the job done we bundle them with our specials. And, because we pick them up on a deal, we can bundle them a well be low retail.  However, if you would like a Hawke, MTC, or other higher end optic bundled with your Evanix Air Speed Super Bundle, then just let us know and we’ll be sure to get you the best deal we can on the package.

Details on Pellets

We’ve found that the H&N Baracuda Match Pellets are the best pellet for operation and accuracy in the .22 caliber Air speeds.  We include 4 tins to get you started.  The 25.4 Grain JSBs are what we’ve found best in the .25 and we include 4 tins there as well.

As part of our RTG Bundles, you get everything you need to get out and get shooting.  That’s the whole point.  Most importantly, it’s all tested and verified in good working order BEFORE it ever goes out the door.  Our goal is to do whatever it takes, as best as we can, to get it right the FIRST TIME.