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Key features of the Evanix Wind City .35 Big Bore with Carbon Fiber Tank. (NOTE – Rifle shown with optional Hawke Sidewinder scope.  Scope and mounts are NOT included)


  • 2 six shot rotary mags
  • 480cc carbon fiber bottle
  • Ambidextrous Thumbhole hardwood stock
  • 2 stage, fully adjustable trigger
  • Personal inspection and testing before shipping

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About the Evanix Windy City .35 Big Bore Airgun

We had the opportunity to bring in a select number of the Evanix Windy City pcp airgun rifles.   If all goes well, we will look to expand our offerings.  I selected the Windy City .35 because I believe it gives airgun hunters the right mix of traditional and modern looks and technologies, along with high shot count, power and accuracy.

Set into an beautiful ambidextrous hardwood stock, the 6 shot side lever action cycles smoothly and fires effortlessly.  The 480cc carbon fiber bottle can be filled to 250 bar (232 -> 160 bar is the optimal range on our test rifle, your’s may be slightly different), will provide 120 FPE with the 81.02 Grain JSB pellets, and up to 24 serious shots.

We hand test each rifle before it ships to make sure that it holds air properly (we must degas them before shipping.  Make note that they will arrive empty), and fires and cycles as expected.  If you want a scope mounted and setup and everything tip top for the range, we can do that too.  Just select your optic and use our Airgun Setup option and pick “big bore” as your setup option.

Special Conditions
  • Please allow 5 business days to process your order before shipping.  We don’t send it unless it’s right and that takes time.