Key features of the Gamo TC 35L Refurbished:

Here’s what you need to know about the Gamo TC 35L performance for 2019:

  • 81.02 grain JSB pellets max velocity 1,035FPS / 192.77FTLB
  • 95 grain HP Winchester max velocity 992FPS / 207.64FTLB
  • 127 grain FP Winchester max velocity 946FPS / 252.43FTLB (TEXAS LEGAL!)
  • 150 grain Wadcutters max velocity 878FPS / 256.82FTLB (TEXAS LEGAL!)
  • 190 grain FP max velocity 800FPS / 270.08FTLBS (TEXAS LEGAL!)

Key Features:

  • Automatic safety!
  • Now legal to hunt game in Texas with qualified ammo!

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Here’s what you need to know about the Gamo TC 35L Refurbished – This Gamo TC 35L carbine big bore is serious business.  It’s a lightweight rifle that packs a serious punch. The model for 2019 incorporates a full length barrel that delivers serious hunting power. (See our test results below)

The wide open breach accommodates everything from 81.02 grain JSBs too all manner of cast rounds up to the 190 grain slugs from Hunters Supply.  Whether you are pesting or need to take down serious game, the TC 35L has you covered in a lightweight carbine big bore airgun.

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