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Hatsan AT44 Tactical .177 Caliber

Key Features:

  • Three 10 round magazines
  • Customized Quattro Trigger
  • Tactical Stock
  • Includes Hatsan AT44 Regulator installed
  • Comes with Hatsan SFT Scope, Bi-pod, and Hatsan Sling

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I have a Hatsan AT44 Tact 177 that’s been around since they first came out.  This rifle has seen a good bit of use and it’s got some aesthetic shortcoming, primarily in the forestock (see photos), but it fires and works well.   This unit has been upgraded with a Hatsan Regulator.  I has NOT been tuned and setup, but while I was rebuilding the cylinder I tossed it in there because I could.  I’m happy to optimize it for the new owner, just contact me ahead of time so we can come up with a fair price for the service.

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