Key Features:

JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets, .22 Cal, 18.13 Grains

  • Highly efficient domed shape
  • Extremely consistent weight and head size
  • perfect for long-range target shooting and hunting

Carefully selected premium airgun pellets.

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Product Details:

JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy

  • .22 caliber
  • 18.13 grains
  • Domed
  • 500 per tin

Here’s some more information about the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets.   These heavy pellets make the most of the power produced by today’s high powered spring, gas ram, and PCP powered airguns.  Heavier pellets are generally fly straighter, with greater range and accuracy, all the while putting more energy on target.  When it comes to pellets JSB makes some of the best airgun ammunition on the planet.. Period.  If you want good results, then you need to shoot good ammo.

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