Regulated Ninja Fill Stick

  • Up to 6000 PSI input
  • Suitable for standard compressed air or Nitrogen tanks
  • Compact, flexible, and easy to use
  • DIN 300 Connector
    • additional / alternate connectors, i.e. SCBA (CGA-347), are available for an additional fee.


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The Regulated Ninja Fill Stick is available in a few configurations.  Out of the box, we provide your typical DIN 300 connection.  The input side of the Stick is 1/4 NPT so if you want to connect this to a bulk fill bottle or some other system, the options are wide open.

The system is super easy to use.  Connect the system to your storage bottle.  Make sure the output is not engaged and open your storage bottle.  This will pressurize the “bulk” side of the fill stick.  Next, use an allen wrench to adjust the output pressure until the output gauge reads the desired PSI.  Then connect your fill line, screw in the output valve, and fill your bottle or airgun.  To bleed the system, simply turn out the output valve and the system will self bleed.  Very easy, very fast, very awesome!

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