Ninja Microbore Hose

  • Microbore Hose for low air loss
  • Available in 6′ and 10′ lengths
  • high quality connectors and fittings
  • anti-whip female QD fitting
  • standard male foster QD fitting on the input side

Here is what you need to know about the Ninja Paintball microbore hose. When it comes to filling your PCP Rifle or HPA tank, you are dealing with some pretty serious forces. 3000, 4000, 5000 PSI is nothing to take lightly.  There are cheaper products out there.  They come from overseas and may or may not have been built to proper standards.

The products we get from Ninja Paintball are built here in the USA and are built to last, built to be safe, and built to do the job while not breaking the bank.  These mircrobore hose products are not the least expensive option on the market, but we feel they are the best bank for your hard earned dollar.

Each microbore hose is custom made for AGPS in 6′ and 10′ lengths.  They come with top quality fittings and connectors.  We ONLY use an anti-whip female foster fitting.  You can run the tap wide open and the fitting will not whip or become a weapon loose in your shop.