Ninja SLOW FILL 4500 PSI 90 Cubic Inch Tank

  • All-in-One, Slow fill valve fills and bleeds the line with the same knob!
  • Carbon fiber tank
  • 4,500 psi max fill pressure
  • 90 cubic inches
  • 4.10 lbs.
  • 4.50″ wide
  • Grey

Ninja SLOW FILL 4500 PSI 90 Cubic Inch Tank

The Ninja SLOW FILL 4500 PSI 90 Cubic Inch Tank is a high-pressure paintball tank converted to be used with pellet guns. The tank must be filled through the male quick-disconnect on the neck. (Generally speaking, dive shops and firehouses are not equipped to fill this tank.  Before buying, please contact your local air supplier to see if they can fill this tank.  Paintball stores may be able to fill your tank, so you may be able to find a fill source through them.)

This handy carbon fiber tank is small enough to tote around in the field in a backpack while hunting or eliminating pests.  The new “all-in-one” valve easily fills your air rifles and pistols with an easy on/off quick-disconnect coupling and one knob operation. (see the video below) If you shoot field target, this could take the place of a buddy bottle.  Since it’s filled to a pressure of 4,500 psi, you’ll get a lot of refills.  More refills, less hassles, no pumps, no heavy tanks — it has everything going for it!

*Please note that we can order replacement parts and new product from Ninja Paintball.  Please contact us for pricing and request items be added to our store.


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