Ninja SLOW FILL All-In-One Valve!

  • All-in-One, Slow fill valve fills and bleeds the line with the same knob!
  • Fits any bottle with 5/8-18 threads
  • backed by Ninja Paintball, the leader in this field!

Ninja SLOW FILL All-In-One Valve!

Do you already own a small bottle with 5/8-18 threads?  If so, then this valve will upgrade your existing bottle to an unregulated slow fill PCP filling system.  This is GREAT if you’ve got and older bottle that used the old style “brick” fill adapter.  Ditch the brick and all the limitation of a fixed regulated bottle and go with the new Ninja Slow fill all-in-one valve!

*Please note that we can order replacement parts and new product from Ninja Paintball.  Please contact us for pricing and request items be added to our store.


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