Here’s what you’ll get with your order of the Pro 20 Gauge 457 Combo.

  • Terry Tate, Professional Big Bore Airguns, INC. Custom Built Pro 20 Gauge 457 combo shotgun
  • 24″ .457 Rifled Barrel insert
  • Six refillable shot shells
    • You can reload with any typical lead shot using 28 gauge wadding at the base and in the top to secure your shot.  We’ve found 1 oz of no 4 shot to be the best in our tests, but you can run all the way up to 00 Buck if you want.
  • Standard barrel choke
  • Extra full screw in choke
  • 1 year factory warranty

In stock

About the Pro 20 Gauge 457 Combo:

You’ve been asking for something that’s Made in America?  Well now it’s time to see if you’re ready to get on board and help a US based airgun maker, make their mark in our industry.

Own a piece of American Made Big Bore hardware.  This is one of the most unique airguns that I’ve ever seen or had the privilege to shoot.  First of all, these are all custom hand made by Professional Big Bore Airguns, INC. out of central Texas.  Terry Tate is the creator and he’s been shooting and building big bore airguns for decades.  This new product represents exactly what serious airgunners have been asking for.  This is the most powerful air shotgun in production.  It can send 1oz of lead in a very respectable pattern out past 35 yards.  Filled to 3000 psi, you’ll get 4 killing shots from this beast.

But Terry did not stop there.  He’s created a .457 rifled barrel insert that simply slides down the barrel and becomes part of the airgun.  Here’s where things get really interesting. Now you have more than just a basic shotgun, you have a true hunting air rifle that’s already proven its ability to take down 200+ pound hogs.  In .457, you’ll send 144 grain round ball down rage at 970 fps which is nearly 240 foot pounds.  At 50 yards, you are dead on the money with this beast.  Need more power, no problem.  Just swap out the round ball for some of Hunters Supply big bore airgun pellets and you’ll see exactly what this gun can do.

Are you ready to own a piece of true American Made Airgun Muscle?

Special Conditions
  • As each Pro 20 Gauge 457 combo is hand built, it can take up to 5 business days for your airgun to ship.  We will be in touch each step of the way.


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