RWS 48 Tunes


Tuning Service Options:

  • Basic Tune* $129.99 includes: tear down, clean, and rebuild of the airgun, replacement of main seal and breach seal, reassemble and lube with our Tune-in-a-Tube grease, chrony tape.
  • Full Tune* $149.99 includes: all the features of a basic tune plus, checking and cleaning all the trigger components, processing the spring ends, ensuring proper guide and bushing movement, and more.  Will include chrony tape and accuracy at 15 yards with open sights.
  • Vortek PG2 Kit install* $228.99 includes: all the features of a full tune plus, installation of the Vortek Pro Guide 2 tune kit

RWS 48 Tunes

Other Custom Services:

If you are interested in our other custom service offerings, please be sure to get with us directly via ourOur Custom Airguns page. Please read the following regarding our philosophy about custom mods and upgrades below.

General Philosophy:

There are those that seek speed and power and then there are those that seek accuracy. Our thoughts are that you can have a good mix of both. Generally speaking we are not interested in performing power mods or making any mechanical changes to an airgun. We are however very interested in making a stock gun shoot much better by simply completing the process that should have been done right the first time at the manufacturer. Most of the time a good cleaning, lubing and reassembly is all that is required to get the right balance of performance AND accuracy.

The other benefit is durability. When you stray outside the design tolerances of an airgun, i.e. trying to increase power, you often will get more power, but you also get more maintenance and something that is more prone to failure with extended use. This is not how we want to do things here. If you want more power, then get a more powerful gun off the bat and we can help that gun deliver that power more consistently.